Flipped Classroom: Michael Horn column features middle school in low-income neighborhood that appears ideal for innovation such as the flipped classroom… in Korea (Forbes) may “Teaching Busan Style” sweep the world as did the hit “Gangnam Style”

BYOD: Osceola, FL sees great results with BYOD (Around Osceola) 

Dual and Digital: “High school students can meet Arkansas’ new digital learning requirement and earn college credit at the same time through an offering of NorthWest Arkansas Community College.” (The City Wire)  This is very much a two-fer for me, as a supporter of both digital learning and dual-enrollment.

STEM: Delaware attempts to tackle college persistence problems with rigorous STEM and dual-enrollment (Delaware Online)

Tablets: district has second thoughts on state program, may go its own way (Roanoke.Com)

MOOC: at Penn State, technology transforms teaching (Penn State News)

Innovation: two South Carolina districts named to prestigious League of Innovative Schools (CoLa Daily)

BONUS LINK: call it “News You Could Have Used in 2012” but the Gangnam in “Gangnam Style” refers to a posh neighborhood in Seoul and here’s the most-played video in the history of YouTube.