Yes, the “Breakfast Club” detention was apocryphally served on Saturday March 24, 1984.  The 5 miscreants have gone their separate ways into middle age, and, a la Ralph Macchio, are older now than their authority figures were then.  Without a doubt, this movie has given hope to millions of the high-school downtrodden, creatures silently rebelling against the large, impersonal suburban high schools in which the sons and daughters of middle management were warehoused.  Appropriately enough, today’s Harlow Report contains a few “Don’t You Forget About Me” moments from my days at KnowledgeWorks.

League of Innovative Schools: 9 school districts, including Ohio’s own Mentor Public Schools, inducted for the CLass of 2014. Mentor joins Reynoldsburg among Ohio districts. (Digital Promise) I didn’t see Shermer High on the list, which isn’t surprising when people like Richard Vernon are among its leaders.

Coding: some schools add coding to the curriculum (NY Times) Money quote: ““We don’t teach music in school to make everyone a concert violinist.” Brian Johnson is totally on board with this.

Common Core: Indiana is first state to drop Common Core (U.S. News & World Report) Related: a list of who supports and who opposes (Reno Gazette Journal)  In Breakfast Club II, Claire Standish, who is active in the local Tea Party, and Allison Reynolds, an organic food store manager, band together as Moms Against the Common Core.

Math: teacher uses passion for comic books to teach middle school kids about math via superheroes (Elkhart Truth)  This could have really helped Bender.

Performance Audits: Ohio district gets $650,000 in potential savings identified.  (Lima News) Context, such as the size of the budget, is missing.  Eliminating 8.5 teaching and support positions, a savings of $377,000, works out to just under $45,000 per position (one would think this includes benefits at least for the full-timers) which… tells me they aren’t overpaid.  At KnowledgeWorks, I was very proud to be part of the Ohio Smart Schools work which identified $1 billion in opportunities for districts to cut administrative and operational costs without sacrificing classroom staffing. Galion’s food service operations was an exemplary organization and were so recognized by us. (Galion’s then-Business Manager Kevin Early has kept this alive here)

Early College: Youngstown Early College celebrates Early College Week by getting students in 8th grade to think about their futures (WKBN) Early College was also one of the best things I got to work with at KnowledgeWorks and helping to devise a solution to keep Youngstown’s going was a high point of my time there.

BONUS LINK: since yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the detention served by “The Breakfast Club,” (Chicagoist)  here is the original trailer.