This is going to be short as may paying gig requires an early morning appearance.  Hop to it, everyone.

Blended learning: Michael Horn of the Christensen Institute on using the latest in ed-tech to teach refugees from North Korea who have migrated to South Korea (Forbes) and catch up on the latest in blended learning here (Getting Smart)


Competency-based learning: the importance of showing what students know (LinkedIn) also, Maine high school making strides towards competency-based learning (SeacoastOnline)

Whiteboard apps: math teacher reaches 800 students in his building with an iPad and a stylus.  Don’t worry, he isn’t their only teacher. (EdSurge)

Personalized learning: WhiteSparrow brings higher personalization and adaptive learning to higher ed (Getting Smart)

BONUS LINK: what Bill Gates was saying about computers in the classroom in 1995 (YouTube)