Lifelong learning: teacher at E-STEM magnet school outside Minneapolis shares how she has helped teachers remake lesson plans to encourage students to create content which can help turn their passions into lifelong learning (T.H.E. Journal)


Personalization:  South Valley, a Missouri middle school just outside the K.C. suburbs, makes leap to Chromebooks to foster personalized learning.  Student achievement and engagement soar. (Liberty Tribune)

Tech: tools making their way into college classrooms (Et Cetera, newspaper of Eastfield (TX) College)

Common Core: The Fordham Institute, which supports Common Core, notes a quandary about textbooks in the CCSS Era: “Because there is no agency tasked with trademark enforcement, any company can say its books and resources are Common Core aligned.” ( I had a discussion with an attorney-friend about this topic recently and am glad to see Louisiana doing something about it.  Hopefully, other states will either use this metric, tweak it, or otherwise follow suit. 

Competency-based learning: a compilation of the growing body of research around competency-based learning (CompetencyWorks) I see competency-based learning as an old idea whose time has come.  This is, essentially, how kids “learned a trade.” That was before vocational schools and high schools came along to mass-produce education for a mass-production society.  Society is becoming more personalized, as anyone who has been drinking coffee for more than 20 years can tell you.

BONUS LINK: top 10 wrong movie predictions about the future.  I still want a hoverboard. (YouTube)