Trying out a new format today.  Links with commentary go at the bottom for ease of scanning.  Also, the bonus link takes up the “looking back at tomorrow” theme which had some popularity earlier with another AT&T PSA from the 1950s. Plenty more where that came from. It’s either that or more YouTube links to U2 or Smashing Pumpkins videos.  Leave a comment if you’d like to weigh in.

Competency-based learning: how it’s changed the culture and the performance at a New Hampshire high school (CompetencyWorks)

Common Core: state chiefs spar with union heads (EdWeek) 

Tablets: science teacher discusses implementation (Anderson, SC Independent Online)

Students First: organization pushes new ideas in Delaware (Delaware Online) I am going to take issue with the opening statement of what was otherwise a seemingly-solid recap.  (I don’t know for sure, I wasn’t there.) “Education, innovation and journalism might not seem to be connected…”  No one writes about education or innovation?  No one learns how to innovate or write?  No one creates better ways of teaching, learning, or reporting?  I think these things are pretty well connected. 

iPads: Los Angeles parents, community rallies against billion-dollar iPad plan.  (NBC) Forget politics for a moment, let’s just look at the math.  $1 billion for 650,000 iPads is about $1,500 per iPad. The iPads themselves, according to the article cost $700, leaving about $800 per iPad for professional development, infrastructure improvements, and content. That’s an incredibly high cost per device for purchasing so many.  Moreover, if you have to spend $800 per student to get ready for the iPads, you’re probably a long way off from being able to use them effectively.  If only there were, you know, free resources available to help districts.

BONUS LINK: how AT&T saw the digital future in 1961, how it planned to solve the communications and data problems of businesses (YouTube)