Good morning everyone.  Yesterday’s Bonus Link was inadvertantly left off during a copying and pasting process.  Today we will have a “Double Bonus” link, appropriate for March Madness, I suppose.

Digital Learning: yesterday was a state report card day of a different sort.  School board obligations and some job duties prevented me from diving into the Digital Learning Now 2013 Report Card right away but highlights are covered here (T.H.E. Journal)  Find out how your state rates here (Digital Learning Now) and here’s Tom Vander Ark’s take (EdWeek)

Common Core: Indiana ban on Core goes to Governor (Indianapolis Star)

Blended Learning: getting the scope of your blended learning right (Christensen Institute)

Tablets: devices coming to the 6th graders in Hilliard (This Week News)

Competency: Western Governors University recruits Permian Basin… even though they don’t have a football team (Odessa American) for those who don’t get the reference, this area is the basis for Friday Night Lights

BONUS LINK: yesterday’s post on freeing students from the tyranny of the bell system (CompetencyWorks) brought this hit from the early 90’s to mind (YouTube).  It’s funny how a song you didn’t like can stay with you for years if you heard it often enough.  Even though I lived on the only floor in our campus’ res-life system that didn’t have someone blaring it on repeat 24/7… it’s still here.

DOUBLE BONUS LINK: I was more into this group than En Vogue back in the day.  Hard to believe “1979” is now older than the trip down memory lane it described. (YouTube)  and party scenes look weird without anyone staring at their phones or trying to take photos of it…