Happy Birthday to the World Wide Web!  The hyperlink protocols that make it all possible were developed to assist professors around the world who were seeking to run a complicated particle accelerator in Switzerland. 

Web at 25: interview with founder Tim Berners-Lee (CNET) all kinds of learning resources can be found with a Google search of “Web turns 25” (Google)

Open Source: ease of programming, sharing opens doors for girls in Appalachia (OpenSource.com)

Blended Learning: Wisconsin teacher uses guest column to explain blended learning and the flipped classroom to general public (HTR News) The Rip Van Winkle analogy hit home, and it’s so great to see that changing so fast.  

iPads: local school board in Oregon slows down plan to add 1000 more iPads and upgrade the network (Corvallis Gazette Times)

Ohio: Governor rolls out mid-budget review, includes education plans (NPR State Impact) it’s a good start and I hope to see more on K-12 technology, including creating higher standards for digital and blended learning, and perhaps credential badges to certify educators in this emerging field.

BONUS LINK: in 1989, the year the World Wide Web was invented, color television was about 25 years old. Here is a clip from a 1964 braodcast on NBC about the World’s Fair in New York City that year. (YouTube)  I was 15 in 1989 and, other than an old black-and-white that survived upstairs until the early 80s, color TV is all I remember.  The web is to most kids today what color TV was to my generation.