Next Tuesday is the day before Lent, AKA Mardi Gras, which is French for “Fat Tuesday.”  To see why I called this “Fats Wednesday,” you’ll have to go to the BONUS LINK.

EdTech: get past the negativity with a bunch of B.S. ( it’s not what you think it means.)(Getting Smart)

Flipped classroom:  Carroll County MD high school math class gets flipped, students respond well (Carroll County Times)

Digital:  Virginia middle-schoolers dive into digital (Roanoke Times) and a call to give Baltimore’s rollout a chance (Baltimore Sun)

iPad: first-graders tap into technology (

STEM:  Plans coming together for STEM high school in downtown Youngstown (Vindicator) Related: Ohio’s Board of Regents considers alternatives to four-year colleges (WKSU)

Common Core: in Philly, they’ve got so many problems to solve before they can think about CCSS implementation (The Daily Pennsylvanian)

BONUS LINK:  Happy 86th birthday, Fats Domino! He’s still alive and living in New Orleans, having rebuilt his Lower Ninth Ward home after Katrina YouTube