Just think, only 10 months until Christmas.  

Blended Learning: does blended offer a realistic solution to projected job losses? Three school heads in the Philly area were interviewed for their perspectives on blended learning and its potential impact for their respective charter, public and private school students. (Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal)

Cognition: in this paper, the author looks at the role of teachers in leading student learning, a very important piece of the competency-based learning puzzle (CompetencyWorks)

Math education: math is hard, teaching math is harder.  That’s the summation of a response to a previous column (link provided in the new piece) appearing last week. (EdSurge)

Competency-based learning: Missouri residents qualified to use financial aid for Western Governors University (Post-Dispatch) 

Common Core: analysis of Florida 4th grade textbooks show misalignment or nonalignment between the standards and the material.  I’ve had the same sense with my 2nd-grader’s textbooks as well.  (T.H.E. Journal)

iPads: schools get savvy with iPads in the classroom… the day will come when this is no longer newsworthy (Denver Post) Related: Digital learning delivered through Chromebooks (Tahoe Daily Tribune)

BONUS LINK: a 12-year-old in 1984 featured as a coding prodigy in a local news segment.  It’s truly something to see how far technology has come (plus the fashions too). (YouTube)