The Olympics are over and our hockey teams came up short, with the women getting the silver and the men not medaling at all.  Overall, the host country was first in the medal count and the U.S. was 2nd. NHL picks up again this week for those missing their hockey fix.  Spring training has begun for baseball and exhibition games will soon begin.

Digital Learning: a call to expand access for all in Maine, which has been doing a good job as of late. (Bangor Daily News)

Common Core: a large number of points/counterpoints in the hometown paper over the weekend. Here is a strong defense.  Other takes can be found at the links at the bottom of the column. (Enquirer) Related: Indiana proposes new academic content standards (Indianapolis Star)

Special ed: students using devices to improve learning (Huntsville Times)

Tablets: helping middle school students in Mizzou (Kansas City Star) and Down Under (Sydney Morning Herald) you know you’re a news junkie when the first time you saw someone write “SMH” after a frustrating experience, you were wondering why they were sourcing an Australian newspaper.

P-Tech: letter writer says “what the heck, try a P-TECH” (Arizona Republic)

Competency-based learning: former nursing students sue school over inadequate education.  It does seem that “here’s the test, come back in six months” is a poor substitute for learning.  All the more reasons to develop standard definitions for what is meant by competency-based learning, blended learning, et al. (Inside Higher Ed)

BONUS LINK: after numerous references to the 1980 Winter Olympics, here is a TV guide to what else was on that year, and you can also see what (mostly forgettable) shows ABC had to pre-empt in order to show it. (In the