Good morning.  Here’s an interesting story my father shared this morning: U.S. men’s and women’s hockey take on Canada in their quest for the gold, with a brother and sister on each U.S. team (NYPost)

Competency: 5 big take-aways on implementation from New Hampshire (CompetencyWorks)


STEM: despite emphasis, computer science instruction still lacking in schools.  (NPR State Impact) Finding and training teachers seems to be the biggest challenge.  There isn’t a school district in the country that can pay market rates for someone with a high level of subject-matter knowledge.  Licensing rules make it tough for a retired engineer or career-change-seeker to come in to school.  However, lessons such as this one can be developed and refined. 

BYOD: from distraction to device, mobile phones’ place in the classroom evolves (Campus Technology)

Blended Learning: lessons from a charter schools in LA show that students radically increased their reading.  Offline. With an actual book.  That has paper in it and everything. (EdSurge) If you’re starting to warm up to blended learning, here is a quick guide for planning and implementation.  Also, the district in which I grew up, Westerville, is planning for a tech-boost to its classrooms (This Week News)

Common Core: when the NEA opposes Common Core, people listen. (Washington Post via Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette) When legislators in Missouri oppose it, things get weird. (

BONUS LINK: inspired by a friend’s comment on an unrelated matter this morning, remember when staying home sick from school meant watching this? As always, the fashions and the technology make it worth watching.