(EdWorksPartners) Advancing STEM Education Recapping testimony before the Ohio House on the importance of STEM education. House Bill 362 “would give charter and private schools in Ohio the opportunity to apply for STEM School Designation through the State.  Our nation is at a critical point in education when we must expand access to, and interest in, STEM disciplines.” From one of my former colleagues at KnowledgeWorks.

(CIO Magazine) Will iPads in the Classroom Make the Grade for Students and Teachers?  “The goal is to improve learning through interactivity. First, school districts need to mitigate costs and get teachers on board.”

(Time) The School that is Changing American Education “What’s very clear to me is that high school education as it is envisioned today isn’t sufficient for the modern workplace, or the modern economy,” says Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who decided to launch six P-tech schools of his own after reading about former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s success working with IBM in Brooklyn’s  Crown Heights neighborhood. “It definitely triggered my competitive spirits!” he says with a smile. To read more about how P-tech is changing education, and the labor market in Chicago, and the rest of the country click here.  P-TECH is a great school but we’re a long ways from bringing that to scale.

(Plain Dealer) Bard Early College High School, a Sneak Peak from New Orelans and now for something completely different. “Cleveland’s plans call for students to take college-level courses as part of their normal day at the school. They’ll graduate from high school with an associates degree from Bard, along with their diploma. It’s a significant step in the district’s gradual move to becoming a “portfolio” district that offers families multiple choices of schools. It’s also a major addition to the West Side of the city for a district whose star performing schools are downtown or on the East Side. Our preview visit to the New Orleans program found engaged students who seemed to be excited to be in class. One described the Bard experience as almost like an extracurricular activity because students come every day wanting to be there, not because they have to.”  I recall getting material from Bard’s Early College when I was in high school.  It was a residential setting in rural upstate New York.  That seemed like the most absurd idea in the world at the time, to leave home at 16 for college.  I’m glad to see the model has evolved. 

(WBAL TV) Maryland’s Teachers Union takes issue with Common Core it’s not just for crazy Tea Partiers anymore.

BONUS LINK: kind of a depressing song for Valentine’s Day but it works for the headline today.  Plenty of other Monster Ballad-type songs on the side of the page if you don’t like this one.