Never gotten into the whole “Throwback Thursday” thing on Facebook.  Most of the old photos I have are of other people, not myself. I could take a few old high school friends or former girlfriends by surprise if I really wanted to.  My #TBT would consist of videos or concert footage of my preferred artists back in the day.  So, here is some light reading for you today.

(NPR State Impact) study: despite debt and low pay, college is probably still worth it.  More depth on the study here: (Chronicle of Higher Education)

(Competency Works) Federal rules on accountability and assessments need to take these points in mind when considering competency-based learning.  5 quick thoughts from iNACOL’s Chris Sturgis.  

(Getting Smart) EdTech 10: a great rundown on the news this week.

(Education Next) watch flipped classroom pioneer Sal Khan discuss his initial involvement with trying to tutor his niece, taking him from a hedge fund analyst to the creator of an Internet giant.  He then describes his vision for “education reimagined.” Related: (Kansas City Star) students embrace flipped classroom.

(This Week News) making up for lost time, schools turn to “blizzard bags”

BONUS LINK: RIP, Sid Caesar (AP, YouTube)