In this corner… (USA Today) in some areas, online learning lessens impact of snow days.  Access, system capacity and reliability of the connection sometimes get in the way, in my experience.

And in this corner…(New York Post) “fail factory” teacher churns through 475 students per year… and, I would add, gives blended learning a bad name in the process

So, let’s get ready to rumble.

(Orlando Business Journal) Julie Young, the pioneering innovator behind the Florida Virtual School, to retire June 30th.

 (Akron Beacon-Journal) Ohio is not alone: schools in several states run short on snow days

(KQED Mindshift) thinking big: how to jump-start digital learning in low-income classrooms

(T.H.E. Journal) “Across the pond,” UK school strengthens infrastructure to handle burgeoning number of devices.

BONUS LINKS:  24 years ago today, the indestructible Mike Tyson was taken down in Japan by a journeyman boxer named Buster Douglas.   Buster was from Columbus, Ohio.  During his short reign as heavyweight champion of the world, I had the honor of making his lunch a few times at the deli in which I worked.   Perhaps that wasn’t his best nutritional choice, since Evander Holyfield easily cleaned his clock a few months later.