Happy Olympic Friday!  Growing up in the 80s, the Olympics seemed to be a much bigger deal than they are now.  There are so many more choices for television.  When we had 3 commercial networks and PBS, plus the occasional independent station best-known for running old sci-fi movies at 2AM, this would have been the only sporting game in town for about 2 weeks.  That’s not the case anymore. My decidedly unscientific survey shows that the local college basketball team, and perhaps an NHL game, drew a better audience around here. Even at NBC Sports, the host network in the US, just 3 of its top ten stories are Olympic-related.  The top story concerns college football, which season ended a month ago.  

Residential colleges have opportunity to redefine themselves and their missions in a competency-based learning environment (Inside Higher Ed). The author, W. Kent Barnds, is executive vice president and vice president of enrollment, communication and planning at Augustana College, in Rock Island, Ill.  He gives his colleagues and his peer institutions a great deal to think about. 

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Top tips to promote Digital Learning (from the UK)

Jacksonville, NC students participate in Digital Learning Day (Jacksonville Daily News)

West Virginia students participate in Digital Learning Day (WOAY)

PA parochial school gets digital lesson (Montgomery News)

Rhode Island district considers blended classes (Block Island Times) Block Island Sound will be familiar to anyone who is a serious Billy Joel fan

New York Institute of Technology and its state teacher centers take Common Core into the Digital Era. (PR Newswire) The Core has hit some serious roadblocks in New York, and I don’t think its opponents come from the Tea Party.

BONUS LINKS: a look back at the 1980 triumph of the US Olympic hockey team over the Soviet Union and a somewhat less-remembered 2002 long-shot Gold Medal earned by a US underdog.