Top Ten Tech Trends in Education some great work by Chris Reidel of T.H.E. Journal who unpacks a treasure trove of Project Tomorrow data.

Also from T.H.E. From Carnegie to Competency:  technologies that unlock Competency-Based Learning. “At the core of competency-based learning are two elements: a competency itself, and an assessment by which that competency is measured.”  New Hampshire has taken a leading role, developing competency-based learning tools and assessments as far back as the 2008-2009 school year. 

Houston: we don’t have a problem.  The large school district is hoping to avoid others’ missteps.  “The Houston initiative is the largest, but not the only, student computing effort in an urban district to take a significant step forward in recent weeks, a sign that districts may be overcoming the skittishness that emerged in the wake of well-publicized missteps in Los Angeles, Guilford County, N.C., and Fort Bend, Texas.”

Yesterday was Digital Learning Day.   Wisconsin had 263 events planned.

From EdSurge: Digital Learning Day ignited the blended learning flame.

In 2014, every day is Digital Learning Day, or should be.  Yesterday just made it official.  I remember having the same questions about there being a Kids’ Day too.

Out of calamity days, districts deploy “Blizzard Bags.”  I grew up in Westerville and have friends there, some of whom are lifers and others of whom I knew in college or elsewhere and subsequently relocated there.  Parents largely panned this as they juggled their own sudden telecommute with having to supervise or assist their kids. That’s disappointing.  We did manage to quiz The Hit Man on the homework he already had and find some apps on the phone but both of us are telecommuting regulars and also had a toddler to monitor.  It’s a challenge to juggle and either the schools or the parents had bandwidth issues for online assignments. If they can replace a calamity day, blizzard bags will be here to stay. A bit more optimism comes from the Cleveland suburb of Berea.

BONUS LINK: in honor of Throwback Thursday, a Canadian family lives like it is 1986