to bring you the latest on digital learning… the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

Survey says! The Kids are all right… how many pop culture references can we work in to one blog post?  Seems that Project Tomorrow crunched some numbers (about 400,000 surveys to be precise) and found that, in digital learning, the students know what they’re doing, adapt quickly, then wait for those old-fogey teachers to catch up with them.

Alabama bill aims for more digital learning in classrooms.  Building on the Huntsville 1:1 laptop project which received so much attention last year.

 Connecticut hits pause on evaluations, assessments, and Common Core but Governor’s concern may be political.  Regardless, a local superintendent challenges him to look for constructive alternatives. 

Florida Senate bill could mean more tablets in the classroom.  Quick, I think we need a site visit. In all seriousness, Florida is a leading state in digital and is looking to build on that success. 

Missouri would get more digital offerings with legislation introduced by State Senator Ed Emery.  This follows up on a development reported here last week: Missouri’s Chamber of Commerce calls for state to step its digital game up.

Utah’s Speaker of the House proposes a large digital learning package and there are questions about paying for it. It’s a good-sized investment for a state with Utah’s population and they want to hold onto their lead in Digital Learning 

BONUS LINK:  when I was growing up in a city that lacked both an NBA and an NHL team, this was about the only winter weekend sports-watching opportunity we had before cable.  Looking back, the exposure to other sports was a positive. Today, kids can get so locked into their favorite sports that they can miss the others.  Hoping to expand the Hit Man’s horizons during the Olympics.