Random thought of the day: if going to school in winter is so treacherous, why not flip the calendar, particularly in places with good air conditioning in the buildings? Go in the summer and have vacation in the winter.  Alice Cooper might need a re-write. Link may be NSFW, but probably nothing worse than you heard in the junior high hallway.

Missouri Chamber of Commerce: Show-Me some good digital learning because our state is falling behind.

Tech Tools for Teaching: how blended can keep schools open when they’re not

Raising up a good question Down Under:  how young is too young for devices?  Personally, I think it’s when they can type.  Too much game-based learning may make typing (or even reading) that much harder later.  I couldn’t type until high school but even that starts much, much sooner now.  The Hit Man can type better in 2nd grade than I could in 8th.

Everybody must get code: programmer believes charging people to learn code is like charging them for oxygen.  He likens coding to B.B. King’s rationale for learning music.  As someone who didn’t learn much of either, I’ll take his word for it. And here is a Bob Dylan link, with the Alice Cooper disclaimer just as applicable.

BONUS LINK- U2, arguably the most successful music group of all time, has never sold the rights to their music for commercials.  I was thinking about this the other day with all of the commercials borrowing songs we all know, and the commercial-fest coming up in the Super Bowl. Could you imagine how much the NFL would pay for this one if they did?  Or even Garmin, for this one?