EdWeek carries an entire series on blended learning.  Learn more here. Just one link below, out of many.

Educators, researchers look for lessons in algebra blended learning. “the (Cognitive Tutor) curriculum is unusual in that it also now has the backing of independent research, stemming from a $6 million study financed by the U.S. Department of Education carried out by the Santa Monica, Calif.-based RAND Corp” 


Rutgers offers new online course options. “Terry Corey Brennan, associate professor in the Department of Classics, is teaching a class “Papal Rome” that is offered fully online.The class focuses on the reigns of Pope Gregory XIII Boncompagni, Gregory XV Ludovisi and their subsequent family history to the present day, according to the course proposal.  Scherer said students from the digital filmmaking program created original video productions for the course.”  I’d be real careful taking this course, they might snatch 11 days away from you when you’re sleeping. 

Reminder: Google Hangout at 1:00PM PT/ 4:00PM ET: Digital Learning- Giving Students Choice Click here to RSVP

An Investment in STEM is an investment in our future my wife and I have liberal arts degrees, and I notice most of the people our age and younger moving into our community, or ones higher up the food chain, do not.  If STEM isn’t the cure-all for everyone to get a good job, it shows great promise for changing how we learn in addition to what we learn. 

New York teachers union repudiates Common Core, calls for education chief’s ouster.  Common Core opposition: it’s not just for the Tea Party anymore.

State of the Union is tonight.  Last year, the President gave mention to the P-TECH Early College High School in Brooklyn, which helped in its expansion around the Empire State.

Today in History: Challenger disaster which killed all 7 astronauts, including the first teacher in space, was 28 years ago today. I was a 6th grader who had an early lunch period and missed everything.  When we left lunch and heard 8th graders telling us that “the Space Shuttle exploded,” no one believed them. It was only when I saw a teacher come out of the teacher’s lounge wiping away tears that I believed it.  When everyone’s lunch was over, the principal made the announcement and we had a moment of silence. Last year, I saw this footage for the first time, shot by a civilian down range a little bit. Because there is audience reaction, it is a bit more raw than the CNN footage we usually see.  (If you happen to be at work, it is work-safe.) Here is link to the video.

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