Vander Ark: what to read?  “A person who knows state government but is relatively new to the digital learning revolution asked what to read to get up to speed. Here is a quick list.”  A huge thank you to Tom Vander Ark. I knew state government long before I knew digital learning and these resources have helped me greatly the past 2-3 years and continue to do so.  It wasn’t me who asked him this question, though I very could have and should have early on.  Neither I nor anyone else in this arena were born knowing this stuff. 

Also, getting up to speed in a Google hangout such as Digital Learning Now’s upcoming event on digital learning and giving students choice can be helpful. 

Heroic leader of Toledo Public Schools is on an urgent mission.  I went to the University of Toledo about the same time as Mr. Durant though he is a bit younger.  He is right that the city and schools are in urgent need of a transformational leader, but Toledo is a city where the old ways die hard and the status quo is highly vested.  It’s a place where a non-local can’t ask a local for directions because they’ll call everything by what it used to be (“turn left at BancOhio” doesn’t mean anything when BancOhio is now part of PNC and the building in question is now a Taco Bell). Cincinnati, where I live now, gets a bad rap because “where did you go to school?” refers to one’s high school and not college.  In some parts of Toledo, the question “where did you go to school?” refers to grade school because the high school should be self-evident depending on where you live. Changing the mindset is a Hercluean task. I wish Dr. Durant well, and PS he graduated from a fine university.

Gates, Carnegie support new effort for Digital Learning the Digital Learning Institute (AKA DigiLEARN) was formed last week with former Govs Bev Perdue (D-NC) and Jim Geringer (R-WY) serving as chair and co-chair respectively.  

Can North Carolina schools really support digital learning? The short answer is “we’re getting there.”

Security issues dog ‘Droid tablets leaving this up to the experts, but if there are security concerns about your tablet product, that could be a killer. 

Computers are the future but does everyone need to code? Here I thought part of the purpose of education was to expose students to skills they might be interested in developing further.  Using this logic, not everyone needs to go to Mexico, so let’s drop Spanish.  Not everyone will register to vote, so let’s drop social studies.  Not everyone will work in a lab, so let’s drop science. 

BONUS LINK: from 23 years ago-  do not click on this link if you are a Buffalo Bills fan.  Having lived in northern New Jersey the first seven years of my life, I was rooting for the Giants.