Greetings from Snowhio!  The Hit Man is off for the 5th time this year.  One more, the school year goes into extra innings.

The flipped classroom comes to law school; a law school professor flips his classroom, surveys his students, shares findings in Journal of Legal Education

From The Atlantic Monthly Kids are different; there are lots of ways to educate . Thankfully, we live in an age where technology makes the individuality of the one-room schoolhouse compatible with the economies of scale of large school buildings and districts.

Columbus Dispatch: Students can choose their learning styles in a Central Ohio school

Writer thankful he wasn’t college material.  As the costs rise and the financial payoff shrinks, expect to see more of these.   On the other hand, there are more and more choices for students with different learning styles.

Colorado’s “Pot” of Gold: school funding isn’t something normally covered here, but this story has some interesting implications.  As Colorado has legalized marijuana sales, it also established that the first $40,000,000 in state tax revenue be dedicated to school construction.  The money is available through grants for which any school district, even ones without the pot shops, can apply.  

BONUS LINK- time to start thinking about summer, everyone had at least one summer like this one.  For me it was 91.