What impact will the net neutrality ruling this week have on education?  Here is one take from THE Journal and another take from ZDNet (If you’re looking for my take, I don’t have one yet but will share it when/if I do.)

So great to see Mentor Public Schools recognized for its leadership in education technology that benefits students, parents and teachers.  Mentor has partnered with Education Elements on a lot of this work.

Ohio gets “props” for its 10th place ranking in Students First’s evaluation of state policies

Open source programmer helps out in Hour of Code

Kindergarteners steal the show with iPad minis in New Hampshire. Hey, I think some very important people will be visiting New Hampshire in the next couple of years and perhaps they’ll take what they see (besides snow) back to their home states. 

EdTech, Early Colleges and Early Childhood all come up big in New York education reform report.

South Carolina superintendent race is shaping up.  The election of a state superintendent is fascinating to me.  I live next to Indiana, another state which elects its superintendent.  Full disclosure: I don’t have a dog in this fight.

 BONUS LINK- a look at a TV news report about the burgeoning Internet for news gathering and news sharing purposes in 1981