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Competency-Based Learning is a leading education trend in this piece though the author clearly sells it short.

Reinventing the one-room schoolhouse it’s possible with the tools we have today to go back to the way things were over 150 years ago.  Un-mass-producing education is a process not an event.  Takeaway quote “successful instruction is all about the teacher.”

Project-based Learning high school to open in South Carolina the New Tech Network, which was brought under the KnowledgeWorks umbrella during my time there, and which continues to be an impressive model for relevant 21st century education, is expanding its footprint in the Palmetto State.

Boston Globe Learning science using the iPad it’s a bit old but drives good points home about tablet’s potential in promoting greater understanding in the sciences special thanks to Mary Schlueter of Partnership for Innovation in Education for sharing this

Florida proposes tweaks to Common Core, these changes might make the Core a better roadmap but still leaves them in place, so the “stop Common Core” folks aren’t going to stop the fight.   Assuming other states would find favor with the Florida version, and adjust accordingly, this sets the stage for future changes, with the folks in the field always a couple steps behind the people making policy.

Mississippi report doesn’t find Federal power grab Here is a simple way for state lawmakers get to the bottom of their concerns about Federal intrusion: ask. If the Common Core was developed by the states, ask your state’s education leadership what input and influence it had in developing them.  I am sure that even if they’ve since retired or been replaced due to political turnover, the officials who represented that particular state would be glad to share their stories. 

Louisiana gets three cheers and a boo the cheers are from StudentsFirst, the Brookings Institute and the Fordham Institute; the boo is from the National Education Policy Center.   Judge accordingly.

BONUS LINK- with these bonus links, every day is Throwback Thursday at The Harlow Report; double bonus today- all these stories about southern states bring to mind one of the greatest of rock-and-roll “feuds” of all time.  Neil Young vs Lynyrd Skynyrd… Southern Man vs Sweet Home Alabama or maybe it isn’t