Lunchtime Update: well, it’s 9AM on the West Coast, so the folks at CompetencyWorks timed their morning release well for our lunch.  “Every school at some point will find that they are stumbling over traditional grading systems. This paper is designed to help you as your district or school prepares to create grading practices that reinforce the culture of learning.” So here it is: Progress and Proficiency: Redesigning Grading for Competency Education 

Getting this off a little late, but so much to go through, plus The Hit Man and Mrs. Report are down with the flu bug.

The Digital Learning Now! Smart Series is a collection of interactive papers that provide specific guidance for policy makers and education leaders regarding the adoption of the Common Core State Standards and the shift to personal digital learning. The latest work is a guide to Ed-Tech Procurement.  I’ll offer a more in-depth review later, but here it is, hot off the press.

Iowa teachers are putting more material online including tests while other teachers are pushing notes and supplemental readings online.  Iowa will soon have powerful leaders in both political parties, and their colleagues serving as surrogates, campaigning for President, offering ample opportunity for leaders across the nation to see what is happening.

Along those same lines… New Hampshire teachers attending workshops on grading in a Competency-Based Learning environment, as The Granite State has moved on from “if” we do Competency to “how” we do Competency.  See above for the national implications brewing over the next two years.

Hillsborough (Tampa) School Board tweaks student device policy.  This comes as a result of establishing a policy which allowed students to use their own devices for learning purposes.

House Republicans in Virginia want to put more blended learning in the classroom and they want to revise the Standards of Learning (SOL) exams.  Question: whose idea was it to call these tests the “SOL” tests?  Pure genius, for a student who doesn’t pass them is…

Hour of Code success prompts calls for policy changes “A top priority for’s coalition is to persuade school districts to count computer science courses toward graduation requirements.”

College with a strong record in Competency-based Learning plans to hire president from the outside.  One presidential candidate lauds the college’s work in competency. The news coverage of the other candidate doesn’t make it seem like competency-based learning is important to him.

6 schools win digital learning grants from Lightspeed Systems Foundation which will help develop apps and work to improve the infrastructure

From USA Today- study: first-generation college students face culture shock. Both my parents were first-generation college students, and both graduated, during the 60s and early 70s.  Culture shock, to be sure.  I never asked them about that, but maybe I should.  Of course, they came from homes where a good work ethic was instilled and it didn’t take much to remind them that college beat going off to war or working in the factories or coal mines.

BONUS LINK- today is Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s 85th birthday and here is one of many musical tributes which have been composed over the years.