Top Issues Facing Higher Ed: Cost, affordability, the skills gap.  Pretty-standard stuff, but making the list, something that wouldn’t have happened even last summer, is competency-based education. Author dismisses the MOOC as passe.  It doesn’t work for too many audiences.  Clearly an accountability mechanism for students is missing.  Competency-based education, however, allows students to advance at their own pace, something the MOOC does not. I’ve linked to resources on competency-based education before.  Here is a piece from KnowledgeWorks and iNACOL’s CompetencyWorks page delivers the latest. 

Going Back to the Future to fix our schools? The solutions may be closer than he thinks and easier to implement with a less confrontational tone.

Florida tweaks Common Core, opponents on both sides still not satisfied.  

Students First Releases Report Card; Speaking of Florida, it’s #2 StudentsFirst grades states on policies it promotes, Methodology here.

In Ohio, a data-scrubbing scandal drags on. The repercussions continue to be felt.A definite downside to the accountability push has been that district staff in some cases try to find ways to cheat the system to make them look better.  This is an abuse that can be curbed by vigilant analysis and enforcement.  The fact that some people will work around laws is not often a strong case against the laws themselves.  We’ve seen some of this in Ohio where some districts “scrubbed” poor-performing students by claiming a withdrawal, without having the supporting documentation that would justify a removal.  

 BONUS LINK- “Great Moments in Seat-Time Instruction” and from Back To The Future no less!