Lunchtime Update: Rival Reform Strategies Collide in Memphis. “Memphis is now a patchwork of rival approaches, ranging from state-level intervention to market-driven school choice, all posing pointed challenges to coveted local control.” I am all in favor of reforms but I don’t know how a district can expect to manage so many of them at once.

 Thank you readers.  Last week’s traffic set a new all-time record, breaking the record set the previous week.  We are just 44 visitors and 77 page views away from setting a new monthly high for January!

Also, thank you to reader Gayle Andrews from whom I learned that the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE) has great resources for improving education in the middle grades.  Too often, middle school has been overlooked as parents give great attention to the early grades and then again in high school ensuring their kids get what they need for college.  The middle grades end up as a holding pattern.  Coincidentally, AMLE is based in Westerville, Ohio, where I went to middle school and where I have two nieces in middle school right now.

Guest column: shouldn’t the PD for teachers in blended be delivered in the same way the teachers are expected to learn how to teach?

iPads progressing in Greenwich, Connecticut even in the wealthiest districts with well-educated parents and stable home environments where students are nearly uniform in their digital native status, the school’s rollout needs to be well-planned and executed correctly, which it appears to be.  It’s a good thing there are resources to assist teachers and district staff with implementation and guides to consider such issues ahead of time.

Competency-based College Education Focus of Forum also, here is link to Slate article on Southern New Hampshire University “The Amazon.Com of Higher Education”

Three principals who are leaders in utilizing technology to improve instruction, communication, and student engagement named National Digital Principals by the National Association of Secondary School Principals

Press release: McGraw-Hill Education names new CEO.  Purchased from McGraw-Hill by Apollo Group Financial recently, McGraw-Hill seeks a more aggressive role in the digital publication industry.  What can I say?  Competition is good for the consumer.  Just in time, as North Carolina helps boost the shift to digital. Full disclosure: I have no business relationship with McGraw-Hill and haven’t even been to North Carolina in more than 20 years.

BONUS LINK: Thirty years ago, this advertisement introduced America to the Macintosh, helped bring about the Super Bowl commercial craze, and brought a new generation to the dystopia genre, all at the same time.  I’m not making any money off this blog (yet) so I can use the NFL’s trademark name to my heart’s content.