Back in the Saddle

With apologies to Aerosmith (and if anyone heard me sing, I’d have to apologize to them, too), this is the time to get caught up after two “off” days with the fam hanging around.  My 8-year-old was on a Monopoly obsession all during break, which was extended for two days for weather.  We’re back on in most of Ohio, but I suspect some other places are still closed.

From USA Today, guest column: All we are saying is “Give Competency-Based Education a Chance”  from Arizona to Wisconsin to New Hampshire, it is taking root and there is a movement underway to study the best way to scale it up.  Related: sticking to deadlines in a standards-based system

New York to consider putting brakes on Common Core for those who think opposition to Common Core is a Tea Party tempest in a teapot, this is New York we’re talking about.  It’s not widely thought of as Tea Party Nation.  President Obama took 63% of the vote in the entire state.  Meanwhile, Monsanto pitches in to help rural Ohio districts gear up for the Common Core.

From The Huffington Post: Tips for maximizing the iPad experience for your child written from the parent viewpoint by a teacher, this gave me some great ideas for my kid, but I will have to see what’s available on the Kindle, which is what we bought him.  

Related to the above, from EdSurge It’s not about the technology, it’s about the experience and how to make it better for teachers and students, I might add.

BONUS LINK– since my “get up and go must have got up and went” (from another Aerosmith classic) the past couple days, I’ve been playing this a lot this morning (check speaker volume before clicking if in school)