That’s the last time it was this cold for this long in Ohio.

Bloomberg videocast on the future of education technology discussion with Blackboard official. MOOCs, mobile, Big Data, competency-based learning “it’s an interesting time in education.”  Degree completion is still a challenge.

New school builds pipeline to manufacturing jobs, Ohio’s first manufacturing Early College High School to be launched in Marysville, just northwest of Columbus, which is also home to a major Honda manufacturing plant. Full disclosure: the car on which I learned to drive and drove for the rest of high school was a Marysville-built Accord we bought used from a nearby dealership.  The car was a year old and had been a courtesy car stashed at the plant for VIPs to use when visiting.  It was fully loaded and came at a great price.  I loved it. 

Baltimore rolls out 1:1 devices starting as a pilot in 10 public schools, it will eventually reach all 185 in the county.  Some may feel that the time for pilots in digital is long past but there is a learning (or re-learning) curve for each teacher, each principal, each superintendent.  It’s the right approach.  

Following up on the former North Carolina’s governor’s post-gubernatorial education agenda, I received this piece from an alert reader.  North Carolina budget politics and policies are apparently driving teachers out of the state.  It’s a shame.  On the other hand, being from Ohio, a state with strong local control and strong local funding, the idea that teacher salaries could be so uniform across the state is startling.  When advocating before the state for funds, I’ve always had this nagging doubt about completely hitching our wagon to the vagaries of the state economy and its political leadership.

Received a comment on Twitter: “cold weather doesn’t fit with education anywhere.”  Maybe not, but plenty of learning opportunities abound. Turning hot water into snow for instance.  A few other lessons here. And maybe a lesson in what NOT to do as well. I wouldn’t want to walk to school, or take a bus or car, unbundle myself and sit for six hours before repeating the process to get home either. 

Rural districts score big in latest RTTT round rural America is becoming more diverse racially, economically, and circumstancially than ever before. 

BONUS LINK: the last time it was this cold in the Midwest, this was a big news story and this was a hit song.