Subzero temperatures and sub-subzero wind chills led to closing nearly every school district in my home state of Ohio and much of the Midwest today.  Here is a list from the Columbus Dispatch that purports to be statewide (though it is missing many outside Central Ohio, its circulation area).

Our 2nd-grader’s school closed for the third time this year {UPDATE: they’re off tomorrow too}, after one delay last year and one closure the year before.  He already knows what that late-night phone call means.  (We should drop that and go text-only.)  He will never know what it’s like to get up early and listen to the radio for his school to be called.  I grew up in a district that started with “W,” so we had a long wait.  Of course, if the list was long and they called adjacent districts (expect for those rural folk to our north who closed for flurries) it was almost anti-climatic when we were called.

A couple years ago when Ohio was debating its calamity day policy, “blizzard bags” received some play, but it looks like they’ve been slow to adopt, even in New Hampshire. Ohio debated this at a time when few districts outside the northeast closed more than 2-3 times in a year.  Ohio got 5 “free” days, after which schools needed to make up days, generally at the end of the year, but some districts shortened spring break or even went on Presidents Day.

Vander Ark: what 32 EdLeaders are excited about for the future.  There is much to be excited about in the fields of blended/personalized/competency-based learning, empowering students, and professional development to facilitate adoption of the above.

From The Atlantic- The Distinct Positive Impact of a Good Dad something I strive to be every day and it’s always great when what you’re thinking and can’t put into words is done so, and done well, by someone else.

Former North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue stays passionate about and committed to education after leaving office,  including founding a non-profit to accelerate digital learning.

Current South Carolina Gov Nikki Haley plans a rollout of an education-reform plan in the coming months.  Specifics not released but it looks like digital will play a big role.

Enquirer: three years later, is Common Core working?  Kentucky is further along than most states, but they’re still saying it’s too soon to tell.  In West Virginia, a state neighboring Kentucky, the Common Core is getting a lot more questions.

Tutorial network makes huge impact on Mexico schools.  Ordinarily passive, the network has been a boon to the confidence and leadership skills of the students AND the teachers who are now more skilled in taking control of their own learning.

Making college pay off- signs already appearing that parents and students are having second thoughts about how they approach their post-high school education.

BONUS LINK- the cold is making me wish for the warm.  I remember this commercial but it must have been a later version. This seems a bit dated for me to remember.