Checking out the analytics on The Harlow Report, I saw we had a visitor from Turkey yesterday.  Welcome!  21 nations have stopped in to the website since its launch in late September. Each month has brought increased traffic.  As 2013 draws to a close, I am highly appreciative of all my readers and especially thankful for Twitter, the primary means by which this page is accessed.

14 developments to watch in 2014 from the very smart folks at Getting Smart.  The last two years focused on the “whats” of digital learning, including device selection and application developments.  The next step will be the “hows” of digital learning, such as better assessments and more usage of open education resources.  (Edited for a grammatical fix of my own doing.)

Chromebooks take top spot in education sales its low price, document-sharing capabilities, and its keyboard ease are helping educators.  Full disclosure: I have no financial stake in any of these products.

Competency Education leads the way in this look-ahead-to-2014 piece from The Atlantic Monthly. (Is it really monthly when its website updates so regularly?)  Taking second place is a renewed emphasis on career-technical education.  Credit for what you know and learning for a career aren’t anything new.  Both were hallmarks of a much-earlier time when children would apprentice in others’ homes to learn a trade.

Chicago study shows 5th-graders used tablets better than anyone expected, including the 5th-graders themselves.  Tablet usage also required teachers and administrators to change their approaches to instruction.

District optimistic about future with blended learning, thanks to Straight A Fund.  Groveport-Madison is on the southeast side of Columbus and is frequently overlooked compared to its larger, wealthier suburban neighbors. Glad to see things are looking up over there.

BONUS LINK- everyone knows about the ball dropping in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. In Ohio, up by Lake Erie, they drop a fish.  Seriously.  Full disclosure: it’s about 200 miles from my house and I’ve never even thought about going.