Competency Ed: Competency is the solution to retention woes

Maine: University President advocates for broadband expansion Allyson Handley is president of the University of Maine at Augusta and a member of the Maine Broadband Capacity Building Task Force.

South Carolina: businessman calls on Gov. Haley to replicate Georgia’s Digital Learning Task Force.  I don’t think the condescending tone would have been acceptable if directed towards a Democratic female governor, however.  

Connecticut Department of Education spending $1 million to promote Common Core the taxpayer dollars will be spent, in part, to explain why test scores are dropping.

Are some former backers Cooling to the Core?  Huffington Post asks the question other seem to be afraid to.

From EdSurge: will Common Core encourage or derail creativity in the classroom? A Library Media teacher says 2014 will be about the basics, the year that basic EdTech needs are hopefully, finally met for all. 

Forbes: teach kids how to code and you give them a skill for life. 

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