We may publish The Harlow Report tomorrow but if we don’t, have a very Merry Christmas, everyone!

Revisiting the predictions of the very smart folks at Getting Smart

From Forbes, What was the Hour of Code like?  It was very encouraging to see how easily students adapted and were able to learn.

As Ohio school districts lay out plan for Straight A grants advisory board member John Mullaney reminds us all that “without execution, Big Ideas go nowhere.”

Children’s non-fiction author takes on invitation from Diane Ravitch to defend CCSS. It’s not the strongest defense I’ve ever read but it is a good response to the idea that CCSS is supposed to mass-produce learning among our children.

West Virginia students learning with iPads.  West Virginia.  I guess they’ve figured out a way to overcome the broadband and access problems other states seem to claim to have.

BONUS LINK:  A twitter meme over the weekend was to “techify” our favorite Christmas/winter songs on the #EdTechTheHalls hashtag.  The Top Tweets are here.