From the Washington Post: Maryland’s walk in the PARCC a “favor” to POTUS in the long run it may be a favor to Common Core opponents, actually.

Center for American Progress touts Competency-Based Learning  as a “game-changing” higher education reform

Fordham Institute offers its preview of the top 5 education trends for 2014

Professional development opportunity for creating digital learning environments, a key component to successful implementation

Northwest Florida intermediate school gets iPads.  One has to love the profound ignorance in the sole comment at the end.

Cleveland makes minimal gains two years into compact.  It’s too early to call it a success or a failure but the early signs are encouraging.

Competency on the Range  Wyoming education chief pushes competency-based learning

Non-traditional learning comes to Christian home school in Kansas

Early College in Texas extends branch.  I am a huge supporter of Early College High Schools and also this part of Texas was home to an excellent New Tech I kept tabs on during my KnowledgeWorks days, but this article was included solely because it may have the best name in the USA of a local school district: the Wink-Loving ISD.  If you know of any other good school district names, let me know.  Best name for a local newspaper: about an hour east of here, in Adams County, Ohio, The People’s Defender.

BONUS LINK 7 Habits of Highly Effective People performed by students at Casa Middle School in the Bronx. Sent in by a loyal reader of The Harlow Report.