From Digital Learning Now: Learning Takes the Lead in Georgia Governor signals approval, commitment to implementation.

Final Report is here. Article outlining recommendations is here. 


It’s more like “A Modest Proposal” than a sound one, but I’d welcome the change. Move Silicon Heavyweights to Cleveland Slate’s Matthew Yglesias says. Then again, some San Fran types appear to have the same level of concern for the poor and the working class that the industrialists who built Cleveland up were reputed to have, so it might be a natural fit.

From The Hechinger Report: Lessons from LA put tech in time out.  Yes, they rolled out the devices way too fast with too little teacher training and apparent confusion about basic items such as whether or not they could be taken home.  If only there were, you know, resources available on the Internet for free that might have been able to help guide the district.

Iowa’s Competency-Based Task Force issues report. Thirteen items will be presented to the legislature.  Getting this down well in Iowa (and New Hampshire) can give competency-based learning important national showcases between now and the winter of 2015-2016.  An open Presidential seat means strong competition in both Republican and Democratic caucuses and primaries, with much media attention.  Also, surrogates and, let’s be honest, sycophants, for all candidates will make pilgrimages to those states, giving a chance to export what they see on the ground in these states back home.

Competency Ed helps light the Dark Ages

In NYC, resistance to the Nelson Mandela School for Social Justice co-located at Boys and Girls High School. “Boys and Girls High School” would be a great name for a school in honor of Ohio’s current state superintendent Dr. Richard Ross. 

Catholic organization removes books celebrating Same-Sex Marriage from Common Core 1st grade unit plan reading list. 

BONUS LINK- the other song that mentions Georgia from the best episode of Will and Grace ever!