IBM embraces The Smarter Classroom with educators having “the tools they need to learn about every student and personalize instruction… a syllabus based on individual learning style and pace…. greater use of data, including longitudinal data such as test scores, attendance records, and student behavior… analytics will help teachers predict which students are most at risk, what their roadblocks are, and how those obstacles can be overcome based on personal learning style.” 5 years?  Some schools will be doing this in 5 months!

The promises and pitfalls of connected classrooms.  Some things for all of us to keep in mind.

San Fran dad calls out tech titans over woeful tech in San Fran schools.  It is more than a little ironic that this poor tech is happening in Silicon Valley’s backyard. I also can’t believe San Fran’s district management would let their situation deteriorate so badly.  The telephone is a device for two-way communication.

From The Hill Silicon Valley congressman impressed with Hour of Code results.

Napa-based New Tech Network rolls out new student-centered goals that take the focus off the adults’ compliance

Cali measure sponsored by StudentsFirst would replace seniority with performance-based system.  The ballot issue has to be given a title by the Attorney General’s office and may be on a crowded education-related initiative ballot, as is typical in California.

BONUS LINK admit it. You thought I’d forgotten about it.  But this fits the weather here in the Midwest this week.