National Review: Competency makes a Comeback positing that students used to advance a grade level only upon mastery of a skill set, the author welcomes a return to basics, at least at the college level.  I’d go back even further and suggest that apprenticeships were both competency-based lerning and hands-on learning. Related: New Hampshire develops competency plans and Competency-Based Learning does not change the transcripts 

Governing profiles Establishmentarian-gone-rogue Dianne Ravitch and her quest to stop Common Core.  People are starting to figure out that Common Core opposition is not just in the Tea Party, which was easy for supporters to dismiss.  Opposition on the left is just as strong if not stronger and supporters may have been blindsided not picking up on that in the first place. In public policy, the best defense is a good offense.

From Forbes: P-TECH, meet B-TECH; IBM, meet SAP.  Citing the need to close the skills gap and the STEM gap, a network of business-developed Early College High Schools stretching from grades 9-14 is launched.  B-TECH also plans expansion to Chicago and Canada.

Straight A Fund news: Early College comes to Marysville, OH with Honda partnership. EDWorks is an affiliate of KnowledgeWorks, where I worked previously, very excited for them.

Tom Vander Ark, in EdWeek: 14 developments to watch for in 2014we’re definitely seeing a maturing of digital learning and blended learning into implementation, assessment, and personalization. 

Average pay for Teachers, state by state.  Good information, would love to see how it compares to cost of living and state and local tax burden.