Putting the “Competent” in “Competency” the University of Wisonsin system joins national “best practices” study of competency-based education

Digital texts come with a price tag yes, but most schools have been keeping up with infrastructure expenses with help from e-Rate and other funding options.

In Youngstown, Chaney students power through Hour of Code as the natural gas boom comes to Youngstown and areas nearby, opening doors to students becomes more important than ever, and coding will be important to understand for even the most rugged of jobs.

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Sour on the Hour of Code? Yes, because apparently teaching kids to code for an hour will prevent them from wanting to do any other job, and then writing code will be outsourced to other countries anyway.  I suppose in the interest of equal time, we could do an Hour of Trade in the spring, such as with plumbing or electrical work… just maybe not together.