For the Hour of Code and other Computer Science Week activities, a nicely-timed piece from the very smart folks at Getting Smart.  20 posts to help students learn code.

Chicago Public Schools to make computer science a core subject.  “In the next three years, every high school will offer a foundational computer science course, and within five years, CPS plans to be the first urban district offering kindergarten through eighth-grade computer courses, officials said.”

More “Hour of Code” coverage here:

Teachers, you can do the Hour of Code in your classroom even if you don’t know how to code

Girls, and Seattle, ruling the Hour of Code so far. 

Republicans and Democrats agree: Hour of Code is cool

4.5 million school children expected to participate 

Niles, MI schools participate in the Hour of Code

Hour of Code comes to Tar Heel State 

We will cover the “Hour of Code” throughout the rest of Computer Science Week.

34 Blended Learning apps for the iPad. These are mostly “how-to” apps along with some that can be shared with students to enhance learning.  A good primer on “what is blended learning” from the old days (July of 2012) included too.

Core wars move on to math. The long-simmering “math wars” on how to teach math prove fertile ground for the Common Core debate.

More cost-savings coming in Ohio higher education plan.  Governor Kasich tapped Ohio State’s President Emeritus Dr. E. Gordon Gee to develop a plan to streamline the bureaucracy and develop better partnerships between the two-year and four-year universities.  

Kelley’s Island a Straight A Fund winner.  This tiny district in Lake Erie earned a Straight A Fund grant to help teachers replicate its learning lab. 

BONUS LINK- for the Hour of Code, you’ll have this song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.  Sorry!