From EdSurge: What are 30,000 schools learning this week?’s ‘Hour of Code’ brings computer science into the classroom

From Harvard, a study demonstrates iPads can help students learn science.  At the very least they help students comprehend the vast emptiness of the universe.  What really helped me comprehend the vast emptiness of the universe was being the only student in the whole dorm the weekend after finals because I foolishly said I could work then.

Jeff Selingo on Competency Ed: base degrees on what we know, not how long we’ve been there.  As schools evolved from the agrarian and industrial societies found in the West, seat time was required for a number of reasons. Kids were kept in school when it wasn’t planting or harvesting time, so they were “warehoused.” Then later, schooling was designed to keep kids out of factory, either out of benevolence or for keeping the industrial labor pool smaller, depending on one’s perspective.  Seat time was the way to go for so many reasons, but the world is changing.  If you don’t believe me, how, when and where, do your kids find out school was closed today, versus how did you or your parents’ generation learn of the news?

From the Washington Post Millions spent by private dollars to support Core. Also notes it’s not just Tea Partiers and “white suburban moms” who oppose.  We’re not going to have a serious discussion about Common Core if supporters and opponents don’t acknowledge who is actually on the other side of the debate. Related: Mike Huckabee tries to distance self from Core, citing implementation issues.

Personalized learning coming to Greenwich CT.  “A team of Greenwich High School faculty members led by Headmaster Chris Winters has unveiled a proposal to launch a “school of choice” at the high school within the next two years, a model they say would offer personalized learning, heavy use of technology and strong relationships between students and staff.”

From Lorain, getting a head start on college.  In a globally competitive economy, education is important.  Early College High Schools offer rigor in a supportive environment, cost-savings, and time-savings to those trapped in generational poverty.  Watching these Early College High Schools develop, and sharing their successes with others, was one of the best parts of my previous employment.

BONUS LINK: one of only two songs I can think of that names this day of the week and it’s definitely better than the other one.