So, the PISA results are in and they don’t look too good for Team USA…  

An argument is put forth that basically says “who cares? We’ve tanked these for decades and our economy is still rocking.”  First question: is our economy really *that* strong?  The testing debate misses the point that there’s a word that the top scorers in China, Korea, Japan and India go by when they’re entering the global workforce: Americans.  That means, too, that there’s a word for the students getting so-so results in a so-so country: underemployed. 

 It also looks like the Finland Fetish may be coming to a close.

From Long Island, with iPads and other advances, this is not your parents’ middle-school classroom.  Thank goodness.  My middle school classrooms were petri dishes for cultivating ennui. Much as I enjoy reading these articles, I look forward to the day it’s no longer news.

From the Beltway, Red Tape Concerns Raised on Federal High School  Aid.  It did seem like a lot of hoops for a little bit of money.  Although this isn’t connected to Race To The Top- District (RTTT-D) the acronym may have an apropos usage here:  Red Tape To The Death.

This idea could work as long as merely spending more money on education would actually prevent students from dropping out.

From Forbes, Applebee’s rolls out 100,000 tablets at its seats.  That’s one way to stay ahead of the competition.  It’s also a good way to collect customer data.  However, I wonder if they’ll have to put the tablets away when they put the high chairs away at night too.

Finally, from CompetencyWorks, getting students to mastery It meshes well with our

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