Competency-based Learning: New Hampshire-based non-profit goal is to transform Granite State’s education system love the backstory: school teaches kid he’s dumb, life teaches kid he’s not, kid becomes teacher, does it his way, becomes head of the state’s board of education where he is in a position to seek the changes he would have benefited from decades ago. 

Tom Vander Ark offers 38 elementary and middle schools worth visiting with predictable comments from the crowd that wants to be given trophies just for showing up.

Delaware teacher slams Common Core lessons scripted word for word. Scripted by whom, it does not say. As a reminder, here are the actual standards.

STEM attrition rate stunts field’s growth.  It’s one thing to get students to enroll in STEM programs in college.  It’s quite another for them to graduate.  It also looks like about half bail out, equally split between those changing degree programs and those dropping out altogether.  

I’ve discussed this just once in the past weeks because it’s more Ohio-centric and doesn’t fall into my usual topics of blended, common core, and competency-based but an Ohio researcher studies the effect on poverty on student achievement I’ve worked with Dr. Fleeter and found him to be pretty spot-on when he takes on challenges like this.  My next suggestion is that we look at why the students’ needs are not being met by the myriad of state, county, and city government programs.  Bringing services into the schools directly, as is being done in Cincinnati, is one way to bridge the gap.