From DC: SOS for SIGs- turns out, turnarounds didn’t turn tide. Score in a third of schools actually decreased.

With blended learning, This is not your mother’s nursing clinical.  A bit sexist perhaps but then my mom wasn’t a nurse.  Brings to mind this old commercial from the 1980s.  (It’s too lame to be the bonus link.)

In Silicon Valley, common core is mother lode for Apple, Google, Cisco.  I think they miss the mark here as education has long been a staple for these companies going on nearly 20 years now.

In Washington State,  On the Doorstep of the Future: Tablet Technology in North Thurston Public Schools content-wise, there isn’t anything most people who read this blog wouldn’t already know.  It’s a particularly well-written article, so if you’re working in ed-tech, and have friends or relatives who have no idea what you do for a living, this might be a good article to flip over to them.

In Steubenville, Ohio: superintendent, three others indicted for impeding rape investigation.  Nutshell- a couple of Jerry Sandusky wannabes on the football team raped a drunk girl at a party and the “adults” charged played the roles of Joe Paterno, Tim Curley, Gary Schultz, and Graham Spanier.  If you think I am being obtuse making the comparison, since it involved players and not a coach and a female not a male, I am also making the case that this case would not have received the national attention, nor would those involved in the cover-up be tried, without the Sandusky case so fresh in everyone’s minds.  It changed our world.

News from the other side of the world: Digital learning expert from MOMA goes to New Zealand.  Museums the world over are embracing digital learning, which greatly expands the information they can share with visitors and also facilitates hands-on activities for children and adults.  We took our kids to the Columbus Museum of Art in September and were blown away by how interactive it was for the kids.  As I said to my wife, “this is not your father’s art museum.”

BONUS LINK: for the third time in four days, Rooster had me up before 5:00 am.  I kept looking for this show, but to no avail.  “Rooster” is my nearly-a-year-old son whose red hair and penchant for early wake-ups led to the nickname.