Congress gets moving to boost competency-based education.  This might be the only time The Harlow Report includes “competency” and “Congress” in the same sentence.  Related story on the regulatory side here.

From the HuffPo- money is not the only object in digital.  Costs also include up keep and professional development, plus opportunity costs.  Questions that professionals in the field grapple with all the time.  Fortunately, there are resources to help make it happen.

Quick read: how technology is driving changes in education.  

Not-so-quick read:  report from Data Quality Campaign shows states provide poor longitudinal data to help boost teacher prep.  

From the Heartland Institute: Parental opposition squelches inBloom student data collection in Colorado “Parents’ apprehension toward data collection is leaving many districts and states baffled on how to meet federal requirements while protecting personal information from hackers, unauthorized bureaucrats, and sale to marketing companies.”

In India, Digital Learning makes learning English easier.  Motivation is the key here.  Digital works best with the motivated and with those who can become motivated.

In Louisiana, state superintendent wants to slow down Common Core transition. Not really sure what the point of a ten-year phase-in is.  Seems more like a capitulation to the status quo than an actual problem with the Core.  Meanwhile, in Maryland, gubernatorial candidates campaign against Core.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, Ohio group adjusts per-pupil spending to reflect poverty.  Nutshell: group backs out poverty-related spending first, compares what’s left, finds more money available to educate wealthier students than poor.  I’m not sure this kind of analysis has been done before, but it is an important way to look at the problems and get at the root of high-spending districts’ not getting results.  Next question: why is this money coming out of school budgets and not being addressed by city/county/state anti-poverty programs?

BONUS LINK: living the legacy of a great man who left us 50 years ago today.   And another one.  They say these things happen in threes, so here is another. Quite a day, it was.