The top 100 sites tackling education reform.  We didn’t make it here at The Harlow Report.  There’s always next year.  Many of my favored sites made it, and a special congratulations to Getting Smart, EducationNext, Fordham, and the Foundation for Excellence in Education.  I hereby declare The Harlow Report the 101st best website tackling education reform.

From iNACOL CEO Susan Patrick: 10 Trends Driving the Future of Education.  Money quote “I believe the ultimate power of blended and online learning lies in the potential to transform the education system and enable higher levels of student-centered learning through competency-based approaches.”

EdSurge: President puts money into YouthCareer Connect another competitive grant challenge “expected to fund 25 to 40 grants for individual or multisite projects that will be carried out by local education agencies, public or nonprofit local workforce entities or nonprofits with education reform experience. The partnerships must include a local education agency, a local workforce investment system, an employee and an institution of higher learning.”

AP (and not local paper, whose link went dead) wait over for magnet school campers I still don’t understand why they can’t borrow a local church’s Bingo hopper and assign names to numbers. 

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Ohio House’s Common Core hearing goes late into the night.  When I left the hearing at 12:15, there were still going to be at least three more speakers in favor of the Core.  Most testimony was solid, a little of it was iffy.  The middle-school kid from Worthington was the highlight of the night. Strong testimony from Fordham in favor of the Core.  If any minds were swayed, that might have been the moment. My notes are available on Twitter (@theHarlowReport). 

BONUS LINK– to get over our disappointment at not being selected as one of the top 100 websites for education reform, we pick up the pieces and pick back up with yesterday’s topic.  After speculating just how old Maggie from Rod Stewart’s “Maggie May” might be now, some detailed research found that therereally is a Sharona, she’s alive and well, and selling real estate to the stars.