T.H.E. Journal: blending netbooks, tablets, curriculum checking in with a Minnesota district three years later, it looks like blending has been a success.

From EdWeek: my friend and former colleague Dr. Carri Schneider dives in to share some urban blended learning success stories, including an emerging school in our hometown of Cincinnati.

In New Hampshire, competency-based learning gets a workout.  Southern New Hampshire University sound like one of the those schools a big-time college football team plays early in the season to pad its record, give its second-string some playing time, and avoid the big games until the conference schedule starts.  In reality, it is the first college eligible to receive federal aid competency-based learning instead of seat time. 

Also in Cincinnati, Purcell-Marian happy with blended learning.  They’re not as far into the cycle as the folks in Minnesota, but it is looking promising.

Reynoldsburg superintendent to retire.  Steve Dackin has been a pioneer in improving education for all students.  He will be sorely missed.  I wish we could clone him, and in retirement, it may well appear that he has been, depending on what he wants to do.

BONUS LINK: where is she now? I heard this song on the radio yesterday and got to thinking about how old Maggie must be now.  Rod Stewart wrote the song in 1971 but says it involved an incident from 1961.  Either way, if she were 28 in 1971 (when he was 26) or even just 18 in 1961 (when he was 16), Maggie May is a septuagenarian.