UPDATE: via EdWeek, POTUS announces new RTTT for high schools.  Expect a lot of P-TECH startups to be offered.

From TeachThought: 5 classroom technologies that will be here sooner than you thinkElectroencephalography, Carbon Nanotubes, Phonebloks, Steam Controller, Papertab.  Have no idea what these are?  All the more reason to read it.

CompetencyWorks: Maine commits to proficiency-based diplomas, colleges commit to accepting them. “(T)he New England Secondary Schools Consortium (of which Maine is a partner) recently asked colleges and universities in member states to sign a pledge endorsing proficiency-based practices and assuring that no applicant is disadvantaged by coming from a school that uses standards-based reporting and transcripts. To date, 48 colleges and universities have signed the pledge, and that number continues to grow.”  Related: Wisconsin’s Flexible Option applications began yesterday.

From Rhode Island: Etextbooks: the future of digital learning.  This piece takes on a different angle, emphasizing that students, generally “digital natives,” can handle them with care, alleviating a common concern.

Well said, by Eduwonk in re Duncan: the problem is not the white moms, it’s the whitewash.  We ran into this all the time in my previous gig.  Suburban complacency is holding us back.

In Cincinnati, the storm scatters magnet school campers.  “It is a tradition that has ended in other cities but still going strong here.”   So, here is your Bonus Link, Cincinnati.