In Ohio, Straight A Fund 63% of apps move on to the Programmatic Scoring Bowl.  More than 210 apps sacked for lack of sustainability. Second tab under “resources” shows apps approved for programmatic review. 

Tom Vander Ark: Denver doing blended right. Big districts like Denver are sweating the balance [between] support for bottom up initiative and the need for top down leadership.”  Related: EdWeek offers Spotlight on Blended Learning series sponsored by Rosetta Stone.

Fast Company: MOOC godfather changes course.  Forget any Don Corleone references I might be able to conjure up. Just read this. A cautionary tale on the history of reforming the university, from correspondence courses to a former “College of the Air” on radio.  Semi-related material below.

From Huffington Post an Interview with Bard College President Leon Botstein lots to ponder here on cost, technology, human longevity.  At times he gives you things to think about like a great professor would and at times he sounds like he’s been in academia too long, like a great professor would not.

Valerie Strauss: Some sharp criticism on the Common Core rollout… from a Common Core supporter, and a rather influential one, at that. I said it before and I will say it again: Common Core problems will not be solved until dissent on the left is as understood as dissent on the right. And now its chief supporter wants to make it a racial issue, not usually a winning strategy. Also related: saving cursive in the classroom.  Likely related: DOE gives in on waivers.  Why worry about NCLB waivers ensuring poor and minority achievement when you can tout the Common Core as the Next Big Thing instead?

BONUS LINK:was reminded of this song when discussing all the Next Big Things over the past few days with friends/family/board members/teachers/etc, doesn’t exactly leave me with a peaceful, easy feeling.