Doesn’t quite have the same ring as “Walker, Texas Ranger” but Mr. Norris is stopping by for a bit.  (Keep reading.)

UPDATE 4:30 PM- Ohio’s Straight A Innovation Fund Governing Board has approved 359 applications for totaling just over $560 million in requests for the next step, programmatic review.  Such applications received a passing score on the first round, which evaluated fiscal sustainability.  Link to Straight A page here– the list of applicants approved for the next round is the second item under the “Resources” heading.

From The Hechinger Report (we might be distant cousins) What Does Blended Learning Look Like? Video produced by The Learning Accelerator, home of friend and former colleague Lisa Duty.

Missouri Chamber Education Foundation to study state of blended learning in Missouri.  Pleasing to see strong support from the business community in the Show-Me State.

Also in Mizzou, the iBelieve team at a local school district plans next steps.  Kudos for the district planning properly, as opposed to the device-first strategy so often used.  And kudos to the local newspaper for covering this rollout.  In a time of shrinking budgets, it is refreshing to see local resources devoted to covering a mostly behind-the-scenes event, however important.

iPads in the classroom expands learning opportunities in the South Side of Chicago.  You know, if a local politician from that area could somehow make an impact on the national stage, we might be able to bring more attention to blended learning….

AT& T ponies up for P-TECH with a $1.6 million donation to the New York Department of Education.  P-TECH is an intensive six-year high school and associate degree program which ensures graduates are career ready. “AT&T’s contribution will be spent on a six-week summer course for students entering ninth grade to prepare for a tech curriculum, as well as paid internships for students at participating schools and so-called “bootcamp events” including hackathons and app challenges.”

The late entrepreneur and former New England Patriots owner Victor Kiam liked the Remington electric shaver so much he bought the company.  I don’t have Vic’s bank account, but I liked this article so much I am linking to it again.

Norris wants to Chuck Common Core, Actor Abhors the Core sometimes I think I missed my calling in life as a headline writer.  Nonetheless, Core proponents may have met their toughest opponent yet.  (And that’s the Bonus Link, folks.)