Tom Vander Ark and Lisa Duty on the role states (and their policy ecosystems) should play in scaling up implementation of personalized learning.  Here is where the rubber meets the road.  Much work has been done to create the space to operate in.  There still is the struggle in overcoming old ways of doing things and the belief that this too shall pass.  Developing leaders with the capacity to deliver in this environment will be key.

Q-and-A with Ed Elements’ Anthony Kim: what will the next phase of blended learning look like?

Sketch Notes may lead to the paperless classroom.  This is a must-read if you’re curious about how this works.

From EdSurge- Google tablets go to school.  So good to see competition in this marketplace.  

After a long and contentious board meeting, LAUSD rolls back its iPad rollout, with laptops coming to some high schools.

New York superintendent faces more heat on Common Core, with parents complaining about testing too. Meanwhile, in Indiana, political infighting uses Common Core as a proxy issue.

In Cincinnati, magnet school hopefuls camp out in cold. I still don’t understand how they can’t just put names in a hopper.  Borrow the nearest Catholic school’s Bingo game (they only need it one night a week) assign everyone a number from 1-75 and start pulling ping pong balls.

Bonus Link: this goes out to my neighbors in Cincinnati, who might need a few of these to get them through the next several nights.