The James had me up at 4 this morning.  That, combined with the fact it’s time to get to work on changes in my life, set the tone for today’s title.

Smart Planet asks: will future college degrees be based more on experience than classroom time?  It seems the more things change, the more they stay the same.  I’d describe the way Abe Lincoln studied to join the bar as competency-based education.  I think he turned out OK. 

From the very smart folks at Getting Smart: Teaching students to code in PowerPoint.  Coding in BASIC (circa 3rd-4th grade) may have been the only useful computing skill I learned.  Then in high school, what was called “computing” was basically typing (Word) and using a calculator (Excel).  

In Clemson, gaming is serious business in learning labs. “For example, students can create a video or podcast to support a research paper, or faculty members can create an app for students to use as part of their classes.”

Pay up potheads- Colorado voters agree to tax recreational marijuana users to help pay for schools. Sounds like a good idea, but establishing revenue enforcement could get tricky, if anyone remembers the Whiskey Rebellion. 

From Forbes: how online education fuels entrepreneurship author has great Twitter handle: 


Bonus Link: retro commercial from 1983.